Children’s Course

Children’s Course

Children’s Course

Important Downloads
Textbook PDF MS Word
Textbook (w/o) PDF MS Word
Textbook (color) PDF
Posters Color Black & White
Lesson nr. PDF Power Point Video Video(Reduced-Size)
1 Lesson-1-a.pdf Lesson-1-a.ppt Lesson-1-a.wmv Lesson-1-a.wmv
2 Lesson-1-b.pdf Lesson-1-b.ppt Lesson-1-b.wmv Lesson-1-b.wmv
3 Lesson-2-a.pdf Lesson-2-a.ppt Lesson-2-a.wmv Lesson-2-a.wmv
4 Lesson-2-b.pdf Lesson-2-b.ppt Lesson-2-b.wmv Lesson-2-b.wmv
5 Lesson-3-a.pdf Lesson-3-a.ppt Lesson-3-a.wmv Lesson-3-a.wmv
6 Lesson-3-b.pdf Lesson-3-b.ppt Lesson-3-b.wmv Lesson-3-b.wmv
7 Lesson-4-a.pdf Lesson-4-a.ppt Lesson-4-a.wmv Lesson-4-a.wmv
8 Lesson-4-b.pdf Lesson-4-b.ppt Lesson-4-b.wmv Lesson-4-b.wmv
9 Lesson-5-a.pdf Lesson-5-a.ppt Lesson-5-a.wmv Lesson-5-a.wmv
10 Lesson-5-b.pdf Lesson-5-b.ppt Lesson-5-b.wmv Lesson-5-b.wmv
11 Lesson-6-a.pdf Lesson-6-a.ppt Lesson-6-a.wmv Lesson-6-a.wmv
12 Lesson-6-b.pdf Lesson-6-b.ppt Lesson-6-b.wmv Lesson-6-b.wmv
13 Lesson-7-a.pdf Lesson-7-a.ppt Lesson-7-a.wmv Lesson-7-a.wmv
14 Lesson-7-b.pdf Lesson-7-b.ppt Lesson-7-b.wmv Lesson-7-b.wmv
15 Lesson-8-a.pdf Lesson-8-a.ppt Lesson-8-a.wmv Lesson-8-a.wmv
16 Lesson-8-b.pdf Lesson-8-b.ppt Lesson-8-b.wmv Lesson-8-b.wmv
17 Lesson-9-a.pdf Lesson-9-a.ppt Lesson-9-a.wmv Lesson-9-a.wmv
18 Lesson-9-b.pdf Lesson-9-b.ppt Lesson-9-b.wmv Lesson-9-b.wmv
19 Lesson-10-a.pdf Lesson-10-a.ppt Lesson-10-a.wmv Lesson-10-a.wmv
20 Lesson-10-b.pdf Lesson-10-b.ppt Lesson-10-b.wmv Lesson-10-b.wmv

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