80% of Quranic Words in English

80% of Quranic Words in English

80% words of the Holy Quran have been compiled for ease of learning. This is just pocket sized booklet consisting of 28 pages (14 papers) basically in Urdu language but has now been translated into couple of other languages as well. It is quite surprising and interesting to know that 80% of the Holy Quran comes just in 28 pocket sized pages!!!

Following are pdf format files for the 80% words of the the Holy Quran in English. View online by clicking them or choose ‘save target as’ by right clicking on them.

Compact (4 tables in one page)
1 Part 1
2 Part 2
Detailed (1 table in one page)
1 Page 1-14
2 Page 15-24
3 Page 25-34
4 Page 35-38

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