Major Sins

Major Sins

Imam Shamsu ed-Deen Dhahabi | Language: English | Format: PDF | Pages: 192 | Size: 2 MB
Major sins are defined as what is forbidden by Allah and His Messenger in the Qur’an and the Sunnah in addition to what is narrated on the authority of early Muslims. Allah, the Most high, promises whoever avoids the major sins to expiate his minor sins. Allah, the Almighty says, {If ye (but) eschew the most heinous of the things which ye are forbidden to do, we shall remit your evil deeds, and admit you to a gate of great honour.}(An-Nisaa :31).


In translating this book EI-Falah staff members attempted to study and analyze some books published in the same field in order to be consistent. Although the book was written in the same style and wording used by the early Muslim scholars, the translators, in turn, have nothing but to assimilate, paraphrase and then translate in a simple English structure. Therefore, we are indebted to our translators:
Abdul-Hamid A. Eliwa Ali M. As-Sawi
Wa’il A. Shehab
Mahmud AI-Qastawi
Great appreciation is due to our editor, Jeewan Chanicka under whose guidance and supervision the
subject matter took form. Our gratitude goes to friends, associates, and professors for their valuable advice and help and for many useful things we have learnt from them. In truth, the benefit yielded from this book as a spiritual sermon began before it was sent to the printer’s as it puts before our eyes the abode, which we are going to.


Praise be to Allah under Whose Might all worlds are subdued and all hearts acknowledge and surrender to in fear. Thanks are due to Him for concealing my faults and sins. May Allah bless the Messenger, Muhammed and give him peace upon whom Allah revealed the surah of Qaf. To commence: I introduce this book (Major sins) written by Imam Dhahabi in another form. As I verified the text, documented1 the hadiths and maxims, and elaborated on the difficult words. Thus, it is better to keep on reading this book day and night alone and aloud. You have to bear in mind that what you view in this world is either good or bad, clear or vague, a lust followed by sorrow or sins followed by gloom. Therefore, you have to reject a perishable joy or lust, a binding condemnity, an inevitable sorrow, and a grievous affliction. Judge yourself before being judged by Allah the Lord of the universe. Remember that the one who will be prosperous, is the one who washes away the filth of his sins by repentance while repentance is available, awaked and gets out from the place of sins to the fort of guidance before repentance and apology are of no avail. May Allah safeguard us with His sleepless eyes and keep us away from faults and sins for He is the All-Hearing, the Nearest.


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